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Memo re MEDOC Travel Insurance

To: Members Insured in the NLTA Group Insurance Plan

From: Maureen Doyle-Gillingham, Chairperson, NLTA Group Insurance Managers

Re: MEDOC Travel Insurance

Dear Colleagues:

Group Insurance Managers understand that COVID-19 and the pandemic response measures have placed us all in unprecedented and stressful circumstances. To assist in addressing some of the uncertainly that now surrounds us, Managers have been liaising with Johnson Inc., administrators for the NLTA Group Insurance Program, regarding COVID-19 related questions and concerns that have arisen in relation to group insurance coverages.

In particular, there has been a high volume of questions regarding the MEDOC travel insurance program and claims for cancelled trips due to the government travel advisory. To assist with providing information to members, Johnson Inc. have recently updated their COVID-19 frequently asked questions resource, which can be accessed via the following link The last seven FAQ items all deal with travel insurance matters. As has been previously communicated to members with MEDOC coverage, the normal timelines for notification of a trip cancellation claim have been extended as follows:

  • For trips departing on or before April 30, 2020, the deadline to open a claim is April 30th.
  • For trips departing May 1, 2020, or later, the deadline to open a claim is May 15th.

Claims are assessed in accordance with the insurance policy, based on the coverage in place. Members are encouraged to reach out to the MEDOC underwriter, Global Excel at 1-800-709-3420 if they have questions as details about individual situations may influence coverage.

Managers will continue to discuss possible updates to the FAQs with Johnson Inc. as new information and/or issues arise.

Take care, and stay safe.

Maureen Doyle-Gillingham
Chairperson, Group Insurance Managers


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