What is Medaca?

Medaca Health Group was created to help employees with early access to top mental health professionals. We have a national network of psychiatrists who are made available to employees through organizations such as Manulife who utilize our services. As a result of this partnership, employees have access to high quality specialists who collaborate with family physicians to help you receive the best care possible. Helping people return to health is our success story.

Service Locations and Scheduling

Medaca specialists are located in and around major cities across Canada. In addition, Medaca can also conduct telephonic assessments for employees in remote areas.

What to Expect

Based on your needs, you will be asked to participate in some or all of the following activities:

  • Completing a health care questionnaire
  • Attending an appointment with a psychiatrist or other mental health professional
  • Attending a family physician follow-up consult
  • Attending a specialist follow-up consult

These activities will result in a Medaca report that will fully describe diagnosis and treatment options to your family physician. So, your recovery will occur in direct collaboration with your family physician who will be guided by the expertise and knowledge of the mental health team of professionals at Medaca.

Our Goal

Medaca’s goal is to work together with you, Manulife and your family physician to help you understand and recover from mental health problems. We are all about helping you to feel well again so you can make a healthy return to productive living. Mental illnesses can be successfully treated and we are here to help you.

For additional information, please contact your Employee Assistance Program Coordinator at 709-726-3223 or Manulife at 1-877-827-4710.

What is the NLTA Early Intervention Program?

The NLTA has partnered with Manulife and Medaca Health group to provide early medical treatment for members with mental health conditions. Medaca Health Group is Canada’s leading psychiatry-based early intervention provider. They provide members like you with timely, effective treatment for depression and other mental illnesses through a national network of leading psychiatrists who work with family physicians to help you recover and return to work.

Why Medaca?

Medaca is unique. It provides:

  • A collaborative early intervention system that brings together employers, psychiatrists, family physicians and other mental health professionals.
  • A network of psychiatrists across Canada trained to produce focused assessments and meet stringent service delivery standards.
  • Flexibility through Telemedicine
  • Psychiatrists who team up with your family physician to ensure prompt and effective treatment that will help you return to health and work.
  • Psychiatrist appointments within 15 business days of a decision to refer for treatment

What happens once you are referred to the NLTA Early Intervention Services through your EAP coordinator?

  • You will be contacted by Manulife’s dedicated Early Intervention Case Manager, who will provide an overview of the service and ask you some questions to better understand your needs
  • The Case Manager will refer you to Medaca Health Group, who will then forward you a questionnaire to fill out via email
  • Following the return of the questionnaire, your file will be triaged based on your needs and a Targeted Mental Health Assessment booked with a psychiatrist within 15 days
  • Once completed, the Psychiatrist will consult with your family physician to discuss their findings. From there, treatment recommendations will be made, and a copy of the assessment report will be sent to them for review
  • Manulife’s Early Intervention Case Manager is available to coordinate travel, if required, as well as for follow-up services and treatment coordination, if applicable.

How does Manulife maintain your privacy and confidentiality?

Your privacy matters to Manulife. Medical information shared by you is never disclosed to any other party unless you give consent to do so. Manulife abides by federal and provincial privacy legislation that protects the confidentiality of your personal health information. Quality assurance audits are in place at Manulife to ensure all Case Managers are following the legislation.

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