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Expenses not covered

Current Underwriter (2022) - Manulife Financial
Policy Number: 5639

No reimbursement will be made under this Benefit for the following:

    1. Any dental treatment which is for cosmetic purposes when the form and function of the teeth are satisfactory and no pathological condition exists;
    2. Charges for nutritional counselling, oral hygiene, and dental plaque control programs;
    3. Any dental services or supplies, including X-rays, provided for full mouth reconstruction, for vertical dimension correction, for the restoration of occlusion, for the correction of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or for permanent splinting of teeth;
    4. Charges levied by a Dentist for broken appointment, completion of claim forms, or advice by telephone;
    5. Expenses incurred for bacteriologic cultures/smears followed by a Chiorzoin treatment;
    6. Expenses incurred for implants;
    7. Expenses incurred for duplicate diagnostic casts (unmounted);
    8. Expenses incurred for anaesthesia administered by acupuncture;
    9. Any dental treatment that is not yet approved by the Canadian Dental Association or that is for experimental purposes;
    10. Dental services, treatment or supplied that the individual received without charge or that a government heath plan prohibits from being paid;
    11. Services, treatment, or supplies provided to the Participant by the Employer;
    12. Any dental treatment rendered outside Canada except as specifically provided under the ELIGIBLE EXPENSES OUTSIDE CANADA provision;
    13. Dental services and supplies not included in the list of Eligible Expenses;
    14. Eligible Expenses that result directly or indirectly from the following: a) Committing, or attempting to commit a criminal offence; b) Any cause for which payment is provided under any Worker’s Compensation Act or similar legislation or under any other government plan; c) War, whether war be declared or not, or service in the armed forces of any country, or participation in a riot, insurrection or civil commotion.
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