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Voluntary Life

Current Underwriter - Manulife Financial
Policy Number: 70671


Subject to eligibility guidelines, effective May 1, 2011, all NLTA members and employees under the age of 85 are eligible to participate in Option A2. Spouses under age 85 are eligible for insurance under Option A5.


If an insured member or an insured spouse should die, the Plan Administrator, Johnson Inc., will provide the necessary claim form(s) to the beneficiary of the insurance benefit. Proof of death should be submitted within 6 months of date of death.

The insurance benefit will be paid to the appointed beneficiary(ies). Payment of benefit and changes in beneficiary designation are subject to applicable government legislation. If the appointed beneficiary dies before the insured or if there is no beneficiary designated, the benefit is payable to the estate of the insured.


No benefit is payable for any amount of Optional Life Insurance that has been in force for less than one (1) year if death is due to suicide while sane or insane. The one (1) year period includes any time that coverage has been in force with the previous carrier(s) and which has been grandfathered.


The insured member and/or insured spouse may convert their insurance to an individual life insurance policy within 31 days following termination of their insurance subject to a maximum of $200,000 without evidence of insurability. Waiver of premium, disability benefits, or riders are not available. Conversion not available after age 65.


A member may apply for coverage for themselves and/or their spouse in units of $10,000 up to a maximum of $500,000 each.

Maximum coverage from age 65 to 84 is $50,000 each. No application accepted beyond age 65.

Coverage ceases at age 85.

If a member is not presently insured or wishes to increase the benefit level, application is required, with proof of good health. The application can be obtained by contacting the Plan Administrator, Johnson Inc.

Extension of Coverage
If the insured dies during the 31 day period in which they are eligible to apply for conversion to individual insurance, the amount of group insurance which the insured was eligible to convert shall be payable as a claim under the Group Policy. Any individual insurance policy issued or for which application has been made under the conversion privilege shall be of no effect.

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