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Current Underwriter (2022) - Manulife Financial
Policy Number: 5639

Subject to eligibility guidelines, all NLTA members and employees residing in Canada are eligible to participate in this plan. Spouses and eligible dependent children residing in Canada are also eligible to be insured under this plan option.

If a member is initially insured for single coverage only, and later acquires a dependent, their dependent will be enrolled in the plan without medical evidence, providing the Plan Administrator, Johnson Inc., is notified within 31 days of the date of eligibility for family coverage.

Coverage may continue for the surviving spouse and eligible dependent children after the death of the insured member, provided the spouse and children were insured at the time of the member’s death. Arrangement must be made to continue to pay the required premium, and dependents continue to satisfy the eligibility requirements.

If a member is covered under a spousal health care plan, the member is not required to maintain the Health Care coverage under this Plan. However, if coverage under a spouse’s plan should terminate, the member must notify the Plan Administrator, Johnson Inc., within 31 days to resume coverage without submitting an application with evidence of insurability. If the member notifies the Plan Administrator, Johnson Inc., after the 31 day period, they will be required to submit evidence of medical insurability for themselves and their dependents. Coverage will only then become effective if the underwriter approves such evidence of insurability.

Any NLTA member/employee may choose to remove him/herself from this plan by contacting the Plan Administrator, Johnson Inc., to complete an Opting Out Form. Subsequent to opting out or allowing coverage to lapse or terminate, should a member wish to rejoin this plan, an application for coverage with evidence of medical insurability for the member and their dependents will be required.

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