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A doctor’s note for referral for paramedical services is not required to access these services. The plan pays 80% of eligible expenses subject to the overall maximums below. Only services from licensed/registered practitioners will be reimbursed. If members have questions they should contact Johnson Inc.

Professional services of the following licensed, certified or registered paramedical practitioners (when operating within their recognized fields) up to the levels specified in the following chart:

Practitioner Total yearly maximum
payable per person
Psychologist/Registered Social Worker/Canadian Certified Counsellor $1,600
Speech Therapist $800
Acupuncturist $800
Podiatrist* $800
Osteopath** $800
Naturopath $800
Registered Massage Therapist $800
Chiropractor** $800
Physiotherapist $800
*Also eligible is a payment of up to $100 for the surgical removal of toe nails or the excision of plantar warts.
**Also eligible is up to $15 for one x-ray annually.
*** Under some circumstances, benefits may not be payable until the government plan concerned has paid its yearly maximum.
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